Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Do I Get My Husband To Fall In Love With Me Again

If you want to find a way to not just save your marriage but to make it unbelievable again, like it was in the beginning (or maybe even better than it's ever been before) you are probably asking: how to get my husband to fall in love with me again, what can I do? The truth is that there are many things you can do and they will all help you with your marriage and make you a more well rounded, happier person at the same time.

Everyone changes over time. That's not a bad thing, the only thing that can be bad is if those changes aren't positive changes. If you've lost sight of the person you were when you and your husband first married you might have turned into some boring housewife without even knowing it. It's really easy to let go of some of what makes us 'us' as a relationship progresses.

When you and your husband first met you probably had a lot of friends, hobbies, work goals, etc. Do you still? If not have you gotten bitter about some of those 'lost opportunities'? Could it be that you are actually taking some of that frustration out on your husband? These are all things you need to seriously consider.

If that has happened without you realizing it, it's actually pretty easy to overcome. Just take a long look at yourself and determine if you are bringing as much to the relationship now as you did in the beginning. It might have been you that started to disconnect and your husbands coolness could simply be a result of that.

Do be careful though to not go too far the other way. While it's important to try and maintain some fun and intimacy in your relationship, especially if it was you who kind of lost track of it to begin with, it's not your sole responsibility. You and your husband have got to be equal partners in rebuilding your love and trust.

What things did you and your husband do when the two of you first got married? I realize that you can't go back in time and you might be a lot busier now with kids and careers, but there must be some elements of that earlier time that the two of you can try to recapture. Instead of a week long trip skiing how about just an overnight in a local resort town? Even if you can't get away overnight because of the kids, how about a sexy 'booty call' in the middle of the week in the afternoon (with your husband of course!)? Talk about spicing things up!

And don't forget, it's not all about sex. If the love life isn't what it used to be than you might want to try to add some more fun, but just spending time together talking and laughing about unimportant things can do wonders. For a short time forget about the kids, the bills, the careers, the new roof you need and just enjoy some time playing. When was the last time you and your husband just played and acted silly? Try it, it can do wonders for both of you.

There, you have your answer to the question: how can I get my husband to fall in love with me again? It's not that hard, just remember the fun the two of you used to have and try to have a little fun again.

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