Friday, July 16, 2010

How To Win Ex Boyfriend Back With Dignity

When you want to win ex boyfriend back you may feel as if you have to lower yourself and lose your pride. Your pride may be hurt as it is, due to the breakup, however there is no need to damage your pride even more. You should be able to win ex boyfriend back and keep your dignity intact. You may feel that you have to beg him to come back, however there are other things you can do.

If you were the one that was dumped that may have hurt your self esteem. If you broke up with him, then you may feel you have to beg for forgiveness. That may not be what is needed to win ex boyfriend back. If you wish to rekindle your love, try to put the elements into place that drew you to each other in the beginning. Make yourself visible to him. Allow him to see that you are the same person that he once loved. If he does not take notice, it may not be such a bad thing after all. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. If another horse is available, they may appreciate what you are offering.

If you are the one that did the breaking up and now you feel it was a mistake, be honest and let him know. Tell him that he has a right to be angry and that you do not expect him to come back to you. Let him know that whatever happens from this point on is fine with you. Let him know that you feel that you made a big mistake and apologize for hurting him. Ask for his forgiveness but do not beg.

Begging is not the way to win ex boyfriend back. Do not ask to get back together. Let him know that you are not expecting a second chance because you do not feel that you deserve one. However, do tell him that you wished that things had turned out different. Say what you need to and walk away. If he has any interest in you still, then let him be the one to make a move. It takes character and courage to admit that you made a mistake and the same amount to handle the consequence.

If he is truly special, he will take notice and will want to reunite. If the result is supposed to be marriage or a long term relationship, it will happen. The secret is to make him feel involved and as if he is the one doing the pursuing. You need to make him want you again. It may seem difficult and even humiliating but you should be reassured that there is a way to win ex boyfriend back and keep your dignity in the process.

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