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Is Your Marriage In Crisis- Are There Warning Signs

Is Your Marriage In Crisis- Are There Warning Signs

Is your marriage in crisis or are you perhaps deluding yourself that it isn't? Quite often one party in a marriage may not be happy while the other is oblivious to their partner's unhappiness and thinks that their marriage is going fine. A marriage in crisis may sometimes just look like a boring marriage that may have lost it spark and a couple may not do anything about it until it's too late.

If you want your marriage to last then you need to be aware of the warning signs that your marriage may be in crisis. Don't just accept that your marriage is boring but its ok, if you feel that you have lost your spark then this is the time to do something about it. Your sex life is probably the first thing that you should look at and although this isn't the most important aspect of a relationship it is a crucial part of a healthy marriage.

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Do you struggle to remember when you last had sex because it was so long ago? Does having sex seem like a chore to either party? Has the spontaneity disappeared from your sex life? You can usually spot a marriage in crisis by looking at their sex life!

If sex has become a chore in your marriage that doesn't mean the marriage is over, there is still a chance to save it. Most marriages will go through a stage of not having a great sex life, often after they have children. With each child that is born it becomes harder to keep the sex life active with kids running around and the Mom not having any energy left over for her husband.

Most marriages will get through this stage and will find their spark again but not all do. A marriage is in trouble if it can't get past this stake and never breaks out of that pattern. When a couple cease to show each other any physical affection, then this could be a sign that the marriage is in trouble. If a couple are happily in love they do tend to show some physical affection toward one another so if this has stopped then you need to take action to get that spark back before it's too late.

If you take a look at your marriage, do you and your partner show each other affection? Do you ever walk over and give your wife a hug for no reason? Do you tell her how lovely she looks? Do you give her a kiss on the cheek for no reason? If the answer is no, then maybe it's time you started doing some of these things.

If you feel that you don't really need to do these things then you are probably deluding yourself. When you don't show each other affection you are really taking each other for granted and the next step on from that is resentment.

If you notice that the spark has disappeared from your marriage, the good news is that you have recognized the warning signs on time and can do something about it.

Make a point of showing your wife affection by telling her she looks lovely today or giving her a hug for no reason. You will be really surprised to find that she will enjoy this and will most likely respond by showing you more affection. Don't wait until your marriage is in crisis before you do anything about it, start putting the spark back into your relationship now.

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