Friday, April 29, 2011

The Secret To Relationships-Common Sense

What Is The Secret To Relationships-Common Sense
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I'm sure if there were secrets to relationships someone would be making millions of dollars selling that secret. Although there is no secret as such there are many things that you can do to help keep your relationship strong and happy. Relationship secrets are really just common sense but they are things that over time we forget to do.

1. Love. Obviously a relationship needs love to survive and being in love is not enough if your partner doesn't know that you love them. You need to show each other that you love one another and you need to feel comfortable telling your partner that you love them.

2. Secondly you need to have respect in your relationship. If you don't respect one another then there really isn't much hope for a long and happy relationship. There is no point to being with someone that you don't respect and no point being with someone that doesn't respect you.

3. Always treat your partner with kindness. I'm sure you don't like it when people are nasty to you and your partner also wouldn't like it if they are treated nastily. Sometimes we take one another for granted and can be sarcastic and a bit nasty without meaning to be. We often treat strangers more kindly than we treat family so make a point to be kind to your partner.

4. Be thoughtful of your partners needs and do little things now and then to make him happy. It is amazing how much small gestures can make someone happy and improve a relationship.

5. Always be honest in a relationship. You cannot build a relationship on lies or when the truth does come out everything will fall apart. Always be honest and build your relationship on honesty and trust.

Although these are not secrets they are important to a relationship and they are what relationships need to survive and be happy. When you haven't been doing these things it can be difficult to get back into the habit of them but it is worth putting in that effort.

These are not hard things to do and they are things that you should do with someone that you love. Kindness, honesty and respect will go a long way to making a relationship happy and strong.

There is more to a relationship than just existing with one another. You need to show each other that you love one another and this can be done with simple little expressions of love such as giving him a hug when he gets home from work or cooking his favorite meal and eating it by candlelight.

Sometimes relationships can take a bit of work to make them strong and happy but over time these things will become natural and you will both be much happier with one another. If you can do these small, common sense things then you have found the secret to relationships.

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