Saturday, July 31, 2010

How To Make Her Fall In Love With Me Again - Make It Right


If you want to know "how to make her fall in love with me again", than the first thing you should realize is that you can't 'make' someone love you. However, there are things that you can do that can remind her of the man she used to love ( and maybe still does but just needs to remember). Many relationships can fall into a rut, the longer the two of you have been together, the greater the risk for that.

The good news is that you can overcome that issue. One thing you should do is talk to your girl. Ask her if there is a problem. Many times people will ask their partner what the problem is but if their partner tells them something they don't want to hear they get mad. If that has happened with you and your girl before, don't be surprised if she just isn't in the mood for a fight so she'll just say there is nothing wrong. If that's the case, you are going to have to take time to rebuild her trust in you. You will need to show her that you can listen without getting mad.

If she simply doesn't know what the problem is, and if she's just getting bored she may not even realize it herself, than what you need to do is go back in time. OK, not literally. But more than likely if you take the time to think about it, you've changed. Many times we change over a period of time and the changes can be so subtle that we may not even realize we're doing it. Try to pinpoint the less than positive changes you've made.

A lot of times it can be something as simple as just not having the dreams we once used to have. Depending on what your dreams were that may be ok. If you always dreamed of being a rock star, it might be best to get over that and find another passion. If your dream was to go to college that is much more attainable and maybe you shouldn't give up on that dream. Those dreams could very well be a part of what attracted your girl to you in the first place.

Another thing that you need to look at is how has your attitude toward your girl changed since the two of you have been together? For example, did you use to compliment your girl on the way she looked, or you made her a special meal once a week, etc.? Do you still do these things? This type of behavior, unfortunately, seems to be one of the first things to go in a long term relationship (and then people wonder why the romance has died).

To learn how to make her fall in love with me again might be a lot easier than you think. In a lot of cases all you have to do is spend some time figuring out the ways you've changed and then try to be more like the man you used to be, the man she fell in love with. This is often all you will need to do.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Win Over The Man You Love Dating - 4 Tips


Tired of dating? Want to move your relationship to the next level? Want to win over man you love dating? Well, if you go about it in the right way, you'll greatly increase the chances of making it work out just the way you hoped it would. Of course, your idea of what exactly the 'next level' is and his may be two different things. Your idea of the next level may be marriage, to him it may just mean living together, or vice a versa. Make sure that when you talk about the next level that you clearly define what exactly that means to you.

Here are some easy steps you can follow that may help 'push' things along:

1. Talk to him. Tell him what you want. Be careful how you approach this because you don't want to sound whiny or needy (if this is something you really want and you really feel strongly about it's easy to sound a little desperate if you're not careful). Again, don't just tell him you want to take things to the next level, be clear on what that means to you.

2. It's important that you don't push the issue. It's great to bring it up after all, you can't expect him to read your mind can you? You just have to make sure that you're going to be able to accept whatever he wants without getting upset. If the two of you have been together for a while and this topic has never come up it's almost a sure bet that he isn't interested in taking things to the next level, if he were he would have already brought it up (of course, it's possible that he's just shy or afraid to bring it up because he didn't know what you'd say and he got scared).

3. If he isn't interested in making any changes then have a mature, calm, conversation with him and ask him to explain what he means. Does he mean that he can see the two of you moving forward some time in the future, but he's just not ready right now? Or does he mean he doesn't see your relationship going much further than it is right now? These may be tough questions to ask, and tough answers to hear, but it's important that you find out where he's at when it comes to your relationship.

4. If the two of you have the same basic idea of where the relationship will go, you're just not on the same page when it comes to a time line, than that's actually ok. At least you both see the relationship heading in the same direction. If your guy doesn't see any future in the relationship you're going to have to face a really tough decision: stay or go. Many women will stay and think that they can change his mind, and maybe you can, but you shouldn't. Even if you can talk him (or threaten him) into moving the relationship along, is that really the best foundation for a future? You had to force someone to be with you? No so much, it'll be hard but you are better off just moving on.

Many people find themselves in a great relationship and they want to take things to the next level, whatever that may mean to them. If you want to stop dating and move up to the next level you can follow this advice to win over man you love dating and move things along a bit faster.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Can I Get My Girlfriend To Love Me Again


If you and your girl have been together for a while you may find that the excitement is gone and you're just not sure she even loves you anymore. At times like these the one thing that keeps going through your mind is: how can I get my girlfriend to love me again? The truth is that this situation can be very common in any longer term relationship. Just because your girl isn't as affectionate as she once doesn't necessarily mean that she doesn't still love you. The two of you can regain what you've lost.

Over time people change. We all do. The problem is that when it comes to a relationship two people may not change in the same way. For example, if you and your girl loved to party every night of the week, but lately she just doesn't seem that interested, yet you still want to go, this is a classic sign of two people who are maturing at different rates. In a case like this there may not be anything you can do. It might be best to just end the relationship and find someone who shares your interests.

Sometimes though the changes may be unsettling but they don't have to be deal breakers. If you and your girl can talk and find some common ground you can not only re- ignite the passion in your relationship you can also find great new ways to spend time together.

Sometimes it's best to start at the beginning, as much as possible. More than likely you've changed since you and your girl have been together, and maybe not in good ways. Take stock of the way you act and the way you treat her. Can you honestly say that it's the same as it was when the two of you first met? Do you still do all the little things (hold the door, tell her you love her, compliment the way she looks, etc.) that you used to do? If not, why not? She would still like to hear that.

Have you gotten lazy? Do you still workout the way you did when the two of you first met? Do you like to go out and do the things the two of you used to do, or do you just want to lounge on the couch and watch t.v.? She might simply be getting bored with you if you've become a slug.

When the two of you first met did you have a lot of dreams and ambitions? Do you still? If not, you may have lost some of the passion you had for life and that may have been one of the things she found so attractive about you when you first met. It might be good for you and your relationship to find some of that passion and ambition again. You don't want to get in a rut, it's not good for you or your relationship.

If you're wondering: how can I get my girlfriend to love me again, you can start by evaluating your relationship. Honestly answering these questions can be a great way to start. Once you know the problem you'll have a much better time of coming up with solutions.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Win Back Woman You Love Dating - With Sugar And Spice


When you decide that it's time to win back woman you love dating than you're going to have to figure out the best approach, and that can vary depending on why she left. Did you end things and now you've come to the realization that you made a mistake and you've changed your mind? If so, that will require one type of approach. Did she leave you? Did you cheat? Did she cheat? All of these different scenarios will require a slightly different approach to get the best results.

For the most part, if you ended things and now you are having second thoughts it's usually best to let her know that you made a mistake. There's really no reason to wait. You broke up with her, she may still love you, time to find out. Of course, be aware that you may have to do a lot of groveling and begging, but in most cases she'll be happy to take you back (assuming you weren't a huge jackass when you ended things).

If she broke up with you just because things weren't going well, than your best approach is to give her a little space and after a period of time contact her as a friend. Try to spend time with her and have fun, remind her of the great guy she fell in love with. Don't push to get back together, take it slow. Try to forget that the two of you ever had a relationship and just act as you would when you first meet someone new. She may find that she has missed you and this reminder of how fun you are may just be the little push she needs.

If she broke up with you because you cheated, you owe it to her to make darn sure that it won't happen again. Be warned, infidelity is very very hard to get past (just take a look at all the celebrity divorces recently) Once you've trusted someone and they've betrayed you it can be almost impossible to allow yourself to trust again. This is the hardest of all the scenarios to get over, though if handled properly you may have a chance.

If infidelity or some other form of abuse was the reason behind the breakup, you may increase your shot at a reconciliation if you attend some counseling. Nothing will go further to show her that you are truly sorry and that you've truly changed than to go to counseling. And don't just make it a game either, if you've screwed up you should make changes, you can be a better man. Don't just pretend that you care and that you want to change... really care and really want to change.

So step one is to figure out why she left in the first place and then determine the best way to win back woman you love dating. No matter what you do, make sure you keep your ego out of the mix. Be straight forward and honest and if you're not sure you can commit to her and the relationship 100%, just let her go.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Do I Get My Husband To Fall In Love With Me Again


If you want to find a way to not just save your marriage but to make it unbelievable again, like it was in the beginning (or maybe even better than it's ever been before) you are probably asking: how to get my husband to fall in love with me again, what can I do? The truth is that there are many things you can do and they will all help you with your marriage and make you a more well rounded, happier person at the same time.

Everyone changes over time. That's not a bad thing, the only thing that can be bad is if those changes aren't positive changes. If you've lost sight of the person you were when you and your husband first married you might have turned into some boring housewife without even knowing it. It's really easy to let go of some of what makes us 'us' as a relationship progresses.

When you and your husband first met you probably had a lot of friends, hobbies, work goals, etc. Do you still? If not have you gotten bitter about some of those 'lost opportunities'? Could it be that you are actually taking some of that frustration out on your husband? These are all things you need to seriously consider.

If that has happened without you realizing it, it's actually pretty easy to overcome. Just take a long look at yourself and determine if you are bringing as much to the relationship now as you did in the beginning. It might have been you that started to disconnect and your husbands coolness could simply be a result of that.

Do be careful though to not go too far the other way. While it's important to try and maintain some fun and intimacy in your relationship, especially if it was you who kind of lost track of it to begin with, it's not your sole responsibility. You and your husband have got to be equal partners in rebuilding your love and trust.

What things did you and your husband do when the two of you first got married? I realize that you can't go back in time and you might be a lot busier now with kids and careers, but there must be some elements of that earlier time that the two of you can try to recapture. Instead of a week long trip skiing how about just an overnight in a local resort town? Even if you can't get away overnight because of the kids, how about a sexy 'booty call' in the middle of the week in the afternoon (with your husband of course!)? Talk about spicing things up!

And don't forget, it's not all about sex. If the love life isn't what it used to be than you might want to try to add some more fun, but just spending time together talking and laughing about unimportant things can do wonders. For a short time forget about the kids, the bills, the careers, the new roof you need and just enjoy some time playing. When was the last time you and your husband just played and acted silly? Try it, it can do wonders for both of you.

There, you have your answer to the question: how can I get my husband to fall in love with me again? It's not that hard, just remember the fun the two of you used to have and try to have a little fun again.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Tips On How To Get My Wife To Love Me Again


No one wants to see their loving marriage dissolve into indifference. It can be a painful thing to watch, it can also leave you feeling utterly helpless and unable to stop it. If you just don't feel the love anymore and you want the answer to the question: how to get my wife to love me again, than there are a few things you can try. There is no guarantee it will work, sometimes by the time you ask the question it's already too late, but you've got nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Marriage can be a weird relationship. The longer the two of you are together the more comfortable you can feel with each other but at the same time there is more of a chance that the two of you will grow in different directions. This is a very common problem and since it happens slowly, over a period of years, it can be very easy to miss the signs until it's too late.

That is the first thing you should do, try to identify how you've changed since you and your wife have been together. Have the changes you've had been positive or negative?For most of us, we can say that a lot of the changes are negative. We used to have big plans, dreams and ambitions, but now we come home from work and veg out in front of the t.v. until it's time for bed. Boring. If you used to be full of hope and promise and now you seem like you've given up, you may simply not be the same man your wife originally fell in love with.

The sad thing is that not only may your wife not feel the same way about you now, you may not feel the same way about yourself. If you've just given up on your dreams you are probably unhappy with yourself deep inside. Try to rekindle some of those passions, it will make you happier and remind your wife of the man she fell in love with all those years ago. It's a win/ win.

Have you let yourself go? If you used to be fit and strong but now you're more pudgy than toned, maybe you should hit the gym. It will be good for you and it might help rev up her enthusiasm a little bit too.

Do you treat your wife the way you used to? Probably not. We can all fall into the trap of taking our partner for granted, the longer you are together the easier it is to do. She may well do the same thing to you. Try to get back to some of the patterns of behavior you used to have in the early days of the relationship. If you used to get her flowers every now and then 'just because' it may be time to start that tradition again.

Don't make things harder than they have to be. The answer to the question how to get my wife to love me again, might be as simple as going back in time and acting more like the man you used to be rather than the man you've become. It might just be good for both of you.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

How To Win Love Back For Good


Of the many people who have loved and lost, the predicament of how to win love back is a popular trend. Maybe you felt it was not the right time for your love to end. If your marriage or relationship failed you may want to try again. For some reason or another the love that was once there is gone.If you are not ready to let go then you may be wondering how to win love back. If you look at love as if it was a war then you will begin to understand how easy it is to lose the battle. Maybe you were winning your battles left and right and with a toss of a dime the tide has now turned on you.

At one point it appeared as if you would win the war and now it looks as if you will lose. If you are not ready to admit defeat or give up, then you need to fight. Many tears have likely fallen and if they were worth it then you need to find a way to win love back. It is a hard fight to win love back, however it can definitely be done. You should only continue to fight the battle if you are sure to win the war. Step back and look at the whole situation. Make sure the outcome will be best for you and the other party.

It may be best to cut your losses if it will not be a good situation. In any war a person has to better themselves if they wish to win. Look at the past and what has happened. What could you have done differently? Figure out what those things were. It is not likely that the one you love will go back to a situation that was lousy.

Change those things that are possible so that you will be who your love wants you to be. Be sure to ask for relationship advice you may be able to learn how to win love back. By asking for advice you will learn how to fight the war and win love back. You may also want to find out how to be a better friend and lover. Those are two important keys to having a better relationship.

Those two important keys are what you will need to know to win love back. You do not want your effort to be in vain. When you get back together, you want your relationship to be stronger than ever. You can do your part by being a better person and making yourself worth the risk. Learn to fight for your love and you will win love back for good.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How To Win Ex Back - Play To Win

What is the way to win ex back? Get your game on. Not to make light of the situation, but it really is like a competition. It is like a game, though a very important game.This may be the most important game of your life. The results will impact you directly for a long time. You have to believe that you can do this. This is something that you need to try and do. How to win ex back is to give it your all and do not hold back.

How to win your ex back is playing to win the game. Is getting your ex back especially important? Have you put much thought into it? How much time have you spent analyzing yourself and trying to make improvements in your short comings? In reality, unless you decide that it is a top priority, you may never know how to win back ex.

You are much more likely to see success if you treat it as if it is the most important thing in your life. When you seek advice about your relationship and need to know "how to win back ex" the advice you receive will not even matter unless you are positive that it is something you will be able to do. If you wish for your romance to return, then you must believe that you are able to do it. If you do not believe that you can win ex back, then why even bother playing the game? You must have confidence in your ability and believe that you deserve this happiness.If you strongly believe in yourself, you will find out how to win ex back.

If you feel your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend is worth the effort then it will be worth your effort to get them back. Would you like to know how to win ex back? You need to play the game! Do not sit around and think about it. You must do something! The greatest ideas in the world will be meaningless unless you put those ideas into practice. Knowing is half the battle and a half fought battle has never been won.

If you wish to get your ex back then you need to do something. The real way to win ex back is to jump in and fight with everything you have. Which ever strategy that you decide to use, do not mess around. Put in 100% effort and take it seriously. If you have an idea of what your ex wants then meet their needs. Find out what you must do and put your all into it. Getting your ex back can be a challenge, but it is something that you can accomplish.

Monday, July 19, 2010

How To Save a Marriage From Ending In Disaster


How to save a marriage from ending can be stressful and a catastrophic situation. It could be hard to accomplish, but it can be done. Several times in life,terrible things will happen and sometimes stress is too much to bear. This is why it is important you know how to save marriage. The ability to know how to save marriage can result in something or an issue that has complicated the marriage and put a wall between the two spouses. Usually it happens after a death of a loved one such as a child. It could happen after a fatal car accident. Or perhaps because of some natural disaster no one was aware of. Illness could result in a marriage crisis as well.

You need to know how to save marriage from ending. First you need to grasp the concept that people tend to react differently to certain events. Obviously women and men will deal with things differently. Some people may detach themselves from their feelings while others are more obvious about how they feel. Grasping this and accepting it will help you in the long run and improve your ability on how to save marriage. It's ignorant to expect your spouse to react exactly like you.

Another thing you need to know is grief can bring out the worst in some people,and may reveal certain traits you didn't know about before. You need to have patience and understand why negativity can take over their personalities. But first you need to see how those changes effect you. Don't dismiss the behavior and avoid harmful behaviors,as these can put more of a strain on the situation.

Marriage counseling is needed if these problems effect you or your spouse. Marriage counselors are there to help you and your spouse through these hard times. Even if its a Christian Marriage or other marriage,people and places exist out there to help you and your love overcome any obstacles.

These suggestions could be useful and help you get through this hard time:

* Devote yourself to each other and commit to getting through this together.
* Support each other and try to understand where the both of you are coming from. When either of you are weak at some point,be there to help support them and even the load.
* Assemble your team to help support you. Close friends and family can help you out. None of you have to do this alone. Seek others who have had similar problems.
* Find reasons to smile or laugh again. Watch a movie that the both of you will enjoy. Or you could watch a comedy show on tv. Spend your time around positive people who you tend to have a good time with.Laughing is the cure to everything and it is uplifting.

No matter what the circumstance is, your marriage doesn't have to come to a screeching halt. Any difficulties overcome can make the bond between you stronger.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

How To Win Ex Boyfriend Back With Dignity


When you want to win ex boyfriend back you may feel as if you have to lower yourself and lose your pride. Your pride may be hurt as it is, due to the breakup, however there is no need to damage your pride even more. You should be able to win ex boyfriend back and keep your dignity intact. You may feel that you have to beg him to come back, however there are other things you can do.

If you were the one that was dumped that may have hurt your self esteem. If you broke up with him, then you may feel you have to beg for forgiveness. That may not be what is needed to win ex boyfriend back. If you wish to rekindle your love, try to put the elements into place that drew you to each other in the beginning. Make yourself visible to him. Allow him to see that you are the same person that he once loved. If he does not take notice, it may not be such a bad thing after all. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. If another horse is available, they may appreciate what you are offering.

If you are the one that did the breaking up and now you feel it was a mistake, be honest and let him know. Tell him that he has a right to be angry and that you do not expect him to come back to you. Let him know that whatever happens from this point on is fine with you. Let him know that you feel that you made a big mistake and apologize for hurting him. Ask for his forgiveness but do not beg.

Begging is not the way to win ex boyfriend back. Do not ask to get back together. Let him know that you are not expecting a second chance because you do not feel that you deserve one. However, do tell him that you wished that things had turned out different. Say what you need to and walk away. If he has any interest in you still, then let him be the one to make a move. It takes character and courage to admit that you made a mistake and the same amount to handle the consequence.

If he is truly special, he will take notice and will want to reunite. If the result is supposed to be marriage or a long term relationship, it will happen. The secret is to make him feel involved and as if he is the one doing the pursuing. You need to make him want you again. It may seem difficult and even humiliating but you should be reassured that there is a way to win ex boyfriend back and keep your dignity in the process.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Without Scaring Him Away


After a break up, it is very common for a woman to ask, "how can I get my ex boyfriend back?" There are, no doubt, tons of different tips and tricks that people have used over the years. It doesn't matter what the reasons for splitting up are, it's still an unpleasant experience to go through.

Let's face it, break ups happen, even when we do our best to try to stay together. The good news is that no matter why you broke up, there is a good possibility that you'll b able to get back together. The trick is to make your move without scaring him away. Here are five tips you can put to use to increase your chances of success.

Tip #1 - If you really want to know the answer to the question of "How can I get my ex boyfriend back without scaring him away?", the first thing you need to do is pay attention to what he says and does. Whenever you talk to him, take note of not only what he says, but his body language as well. Your goal is to try to figure out what he's really thinking, not just what he's saying (there's often a big difference). You will be trying gauge if he is still interested in you, and if he may be receptive to getting back together.

Tip #2 - Don't play all of your cards at once. Now, to some people this may sound like playing games, but it really isn't. More than anything you need to be honest if you want any chance of having a happy future together. However, you don't have to tell him everything you know; so long as it doesn't cross the line into being deceitful, then go for it! Also, it's best to not spill everything all at once because it's too easy to blab about how much you still love him and want to spend eternity with him. It's okay to feel that way, but it's also a good way of scaring him away.

Tip #3 - Watch how he behaves when he's with other women. Don't be jealous if you see him with other women, as they may be completely platonic friendships. His actions around other women will be a clue as to how he still feels about you. If he puts you down and says bad things about you, that's a bad sign. If he says good things about you in front of other women, then that's a good sign. He may not even be aware of it, but you know how to read the signs.

Tip #4 - Don't forget about you. You still have your own life to live. Show him you are not a weak, depressed human being who lacks confidence and self-worth. Instead, show him the kind of woman he's missing out on. Yes, it's that easy.

Tip #5 - The final tip if you want to know "how can I get my ex boyfriend back without scaring him away" is to not play mind games. It's not fair to him, it's not fair to you, and it's more trouble than the effort it takes. Being respectful and honest is always the best way to go.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cheating In A Relationship - WOW - It Hurts


Wow, cheating in a relationship is one of the most difficult betrayals to overcome, and many couples can never really move past it. It will take a lot of time and love to rebuild the distrust that cheating has caused and unless both of you are committed to it 100% you might as well call it quits right now because it simply won't work.

If you're the one who has been cheated on, it may be very difficult for you to ever trust your partner again, no matter how much they apologize. If you tell them that you are willing to try you better make darn sure that you really are willing to try. One of the biggest traps of this type of situation is the tendency of the person who was betrayed to punish the cheater throughout the rest of the relationship. The problem is, that you won't really know if that's what will happen or not since you might sincerely believe you can forgive them for the betrayal.

Before you even try to mend the relationship it's important you ask yourself why. Make sure that you are only staying because you truly believe the two of you can make things work and not because you're afraid of being on your own. If your partner has cheated more than once, do yourself a favor and run, don't walk, away. We often get confused about the causes of cheating, we think it's about sex, but it's not really. The truth is that it's about one persons serious character flaws and insecurities.

There have been a string of high profile cases lately where husbands have cheated on their (very beautiful) wives almost from the day they said "I do". What is their excuse? Is it an addiction? Is it that their wives weren't meeting their needs? The truth is that with most of these cases the cheaters are just insecure children who never grew up enough to live up to their word. When they said "I do" it was supposed to mean "I won't" but they selfishly did whatever it was that made them feel better for a few minutes.

If you're in a relationship with someone like that you are really better off to just leave. It's unlikely that any amount of therapy will help your partner grow up and grow a conscience or grow some character. You don't need the pain.

If, on the other hand, your partner made a one time mistake and the two of you had a great relationship prior to that (and you think you really can forgive them) than by all means give it a shot. It would probably be best to enlist the help of a therapist who can help the two of you navigate the minefield that is going to follow the affair. It will be tough for the two of you to keep your emotions in check long enough to find a path to the loving relationship you once shared.

It won't be easy but cheating in a relationship can be overcome but only if both parties really want it. If you aren't both committed totally to making things better and moving on, than you're better off calling it quits right now so you can find someone who knows what honesty and fidelity is all about.

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